Campaign Update - El Nuevo Dia, Young Republicans Forum, Updated Platform, & New Swag

This upcoming week will be a busy one for #TeamVivaldi. Today, our campaign was featured in Puerto Rico's largest newspaper - El Nuevo Dia. This publication is not only widely read in Puerto Rico, but is also heavily circulated and very respected in our Central Florida.


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Alan Grayson Domestic Abuse Allegations

Domestic violence and abuse does not discriminate. Unfortunately, it is a problem that is often overlooked, excused, or denied, yet it can affect anybody, at any age, of any ethnicity, and a member of any political party.

Abusive behavior, whether it is physical, emotional, or verbal, needs to stop. Everyone deserves to be respected, valued and safe.

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Veterans For Vivaldi Chairman Announced


 Sergeant Major Jose Garcia Aponte, chairman of Veterans For Vivaldi


Last nite, I met with my good friend Sergeant Major Jose Garcia Aponte (RET) and his wife Maribel. Both Jose & Maribel have already contributed a great deal to our campaign, but wanted to do something more. Maribel suggested that Jose chair a Veterans for Vivaldi committee and Sergeant Major Aponte agreed.


I have included a message from the Sergeant Major and his wife Maribel below. #TeamVivaldi is humbled and honored to have their support.


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Walking For David Jolly In Pinellas County


David Jolly and I getting ready to walk door-to-door in Pinellas County.


Team Vivaldi,

Politics all too often becomes all about "me" or what can "I" get out of it, that is not the case with our campaign.

Today, we joined Republican activists from all around the state in Pinellas County to knock on doors for the Republican nominee in Florida's 13th congressional district, David Jolly.

College Republicans, Young Republicans, TeenAge Republicans, and Republican leaders from all walks of life are coming together in this nationally watched race.
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Anthony "Tony" Suarez Endorses Peter Vivaldi For Congress



Anthony "Tony" Suarez


Orlando powerhouse Attorney Anthony "Tony" Suarez is the newest member to join #TeamVivaldi. 


Suarez, who served as the Chairman of the Seminole County Democratic Party and as a member of the Florida State House of Representatives, is heavily involved in the Puerto Rican community in Central Florida - especially when it comes to politics. 


He currently serves as the President of the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Florida and was the President of the San Juan Hill San Republican Club in 2013. 


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Our Story - A Different Outcome





Elected officials in Washington are supposed to be there fighting for you. Instead, the culture of corruption has turned our elected officials against us.

They fight for the lobbyists and donors padding their wallets and campaign coffers. They fight for themselves. Soon enough, being an elected official becomes less about meaningful change and more a game of personal enrichment.

We hear stories all the time about what a wonderful, grounded, and wholesome person he/she was when elected to congress. Then, good men and women cave and embrace the program of personal enrichment. That will not be our story.

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