Grayson & Bonilla Attack Team Vivaldi

As we get closer to August 26th, both Alan Grayson & fellow Republican Jorge Bonilla are teaming up to take on #TeamVivaldi.


A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel detailing the falsehoods in a mailer sent out by the desperate campaign of Jorge Bonilla. Click the Orlando Sentinel logo to read the entire story.



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Team Vivaldi Wins CF News13 Viewer Poll

Below is a recent article detailing how Team Vivaldi steamrolled Alan Grayson, our GOP primary opposition, and a third-party candidate in the CF News13 viewer poll.




From the East Orlando Post


Coming off a stellar performance at the East Side Regional Hob Nob & Straw Poll, business executive Peter Vivaldi beat out all GOP primary opponents, both Democrats including Alan Grayson, and a write-in candidate in Central Florida News 13 viewer poll.

In a repeat of his victory several weeks ago where his name appeared on the ballot along with his primary opponents, Democrats Alan Grayson & Nick Ruiz, and write-in Marko Milakovich - GOP primary contender Peter Vivaldi is proving once again that he is the best candidate to take on Alan Grayson.

In the poll conducted by CF News 13 on their website, viewers were allowed to vote for their favored candidate in Florida's 9th congressional district. With each candidate, Republican & Democrat going up against one another - this was a prime opportunity for candidates to flex their muscles and see who had the online presence to "get out the vote." While it is by no means scientific, it can and has been an indicator in the past of where candidates stand witht the electorate.

As it currently stands, Vivaldi leads with 48%. Democrat Nick Ruiz who is challenging Alan Grayson in the Democratic primary is currently in 2nd place with 22%. While no one expects Grayson to be upset by Ruiz's upstart campaign, the tallies of Vivaldi's primary opponents spell trouble.

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Coming Clean About What Happened 25 Years Ago

Recently there have been some internet articles circulating about me and an application I turned in for the Orange County Commissioners Office. These reports have mainly been being circulated by one blogger on one site, who has continuously attacked me, my family, and my friends.  I did not address this sooner because I did not want to give credence to someone who apparently is ill-informed and who has clearly decided that supporting his “guy” is more important than reporting the truth, fairly and 49 days prior to the primary.


With that said, I believe that you all deserve the answers from me, instead of a third party. I want to be upfront, honest, and as clear as I can. I did not have any intention of addressing this issue and giving it this much attention because it happened 25 years ago.  However, as my neighbors and fellow District 9 constituents, you feel that this is something that needed to be cleared up -- and that matters to me. One of the main reasons I decided to run is I believe our elected officials need to be honest and transparent.


Twenty-five years ago, I wrote a check for an insurance payment out of the incorrect bank account. Was it wrong? Yes. Was it something done carelessly in haste? Yes. Was it an honest mistake? Absolutely. Have you ever grabbed the wrong credit card or entered in the wrong PIN number for your debit card because you have multiple accounts?

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Giving Up Was Not An Option


It was almost a year ago that I humbly stood in the heart of District 9, in front of over 150 of my supporters, and made a public announcement of my candidacy for congress.

Today, I am proud to announce that Team Vivaldi is officially on the ballot!

I have been blessed with encouragement and support from community and faith leaders, longtime friends, and most important, my beautiful wife Myrna and our five amazing children. Without my family's unequivocal support I would not, and could not run. Doing so would put an unfair financial and emotional burden on our family, and I could not do that. Their support secured my decision to take on Alan Grayson and bring honorable, balanced leadership to our community.

Since the announcement, our campaign has attended community meetings and events, parades, and political forums. I have been immersing myself in the district, interacting with residents, listening to their concerns about our economy, personal freedom, and the role of government in our society because that is what is important to me--the needs of District 9-- not the needs of lobbyists, career politicians, or big name donors. I want the members of District 9 to know that they deserve a leader who, not only one who knows and cares about their concerns and values, but one who shares them. 


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Campaign Update - El Nuevo Dia, Young Republicans Forum, Updated Platform, & New Swag

This upcoming week will be a busy one for #TeamVivaldi. Today, our campaign was featured in Puerto Rico's largest newspaper - El Nuevo Dia. This publication is not only widely read in Puerto Rico, but is also heavily circulated and very respected in our Central Florida.


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Alan Grayson Domestic Abuse Allegations

Domestic violence and abuse does not discriminate. Unfortunately, it is a problem that is often overlooked, excused, or denied, yet it can affect anybody, at any age, of any ethnicity, and a member of any political party.

Abusive behavior, whether it is physical, emotional, or verbal, needs to stop. Everyone deserves to be respected, valued and safe.

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Veterans For Vivaldi Chairman Announced


 Sergeant Major Jose Garcia Aponte, chairman of Veterans For Vivaldi


Last nite, I met with my good friend Sergeant Major Jose Garcia Aponte (RET) and his wife Maribel. Both Jose & Maribel have already contributed a great deal to our campaign, but wanted to do something more. Maribel suggested that Jose chair a Veterans for Vivaldi committee and Sergeant Major Aponte agreed.


I have included a message from the Sergeant Major and his wife Maribel below. #TeamVivaldi is humbled and honored to have their support.


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